Michele Cox has a new paper in press at Cerebral Cortex [see News Release and NPR's Science Friday]

- Upcoming chapter with Drs. Jeff Schall and Geoff Woodman in Stevens' Handbook of Experimental Psychology

Michele Cox successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis - congratulations, Michele!

- Jake Westerberg will present at SfN 2017, for which he won the 2017 FST student travel award

- Upcoming chapters with Dr. Michael Schmid in Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Science

Kacie Dougherty has been selected to participate at this year’s Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Course on Vision 

Kacie Dougherty has successfully renewed her NIH T32 training grant the 3rd year in a row. 

Jake Westerberg was awarded an NIH T32 training grant

Kacie Dougherty has received the Pat Burns Memorial Graduate Student Research Award

- 5-year R01 Research Grant awarded by the National Eye Institute

- Kacie Dougherty's and Jake Westerberg's presentations were selected for VSS2017

- Jake Westerberg's presentation was selected for Cosyne 2017


- New paper with Schmid lab in press at Nature Sci. Rep. 

- SfN Symposium: "Mechanisms of object organization in the visual cortex" with Rudiger von der HeydtAnitha Pasupathy and Hamutal Slovin

- Michele Cox received the Pat Burns Memorial Graduate Student Research Award

Michele Cox received a Gordon Research Seminar Travel Award

Competitive Renewal granted for our Grant by the Knights Templar Eye Foundation

- New feature about our work in German version of "Scientific American"

- Symposium with Tony Movshon, Marty Usrey, Anna Roe, Bruce Cumming, Adam KohnPieter Roelfsema at Gordon Research Conference

- New paper with Brett Foster, Biyu He, Christopher Honey, Karim Jerbi and Yuri Saalmann at Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience


Kacie Dougherty has a new paper out at Cerebral Cortex

- Received a Career Starter Grant by the Knights Templar Eye Foundation

- Michele Cox has a new paper out at Neurosci. Consc.

Kacie Dougherty was selected as an NEI Vision Training Fellow

- New paper with Schall lab in press at J. Neurophysiol.

Kacie Dougherty received the 2015 VSS Student Travel Award

- New paper with Schmid lab in press at Prog. Neuriobiol.


- Kacie Dougherty won the 2014 VBI/FST travel award

A Maier.jpg

Alex Maier has been awarded the Janett Rosenberg Trubatch Career Development Award by the Society for Neuroscience.

- More collaborative work with Schmid lab published in J. Neurosci.

- Collaborative work with Schall lab published in J. Neurosci.

- New paper by Michele Cox published in Consciousness and Cognition. 

New paper by our group published in Eye and Brain.

- Collaborative work with Wallace lab published in J. Neurosci.


- Dispatch published in Current Biology

- Collaborative work with Schmid lab published at J. Neurosci.


- New paper by Michele Cox et al. in PNAS


- Michele Cox and Alex Maier received a Tom Slick Research Award


- Kacie Dougherty received the 2012 Lisa M. Quesenberry Foundation Award


- Alex Maier has been elected a Sloan Research Fellow



-eBook in Frontiers Human Neuroscience:

  Maier, A., Panagiotaropoulos, T., Tsuchiya, N., Keliris, G.A. (eds)

  Binocular Rivalry: A Gateway to Consciousnes


-Research Grant awarded by the WHITEHALL FOUNDATION


-New paper published in CURRENT BIOLOGY:

  Spaak, E., et al. (2012)

- SfN Minisymposium featuring our latest research:

  (with A. Owen, G. Kreiman, M. BolyC. Tallon-Baudry & N. Tsuchiya):

  “The Neural Basis of Consciousness-Recent Advances and Breakthroughs

- Discovery Grant awarded to collaboration between Roe Lab and Maier Lab


-Michele Cox nominated a Graduate Research Fellow



- Latest research featured in NATURE News Feature:

  Brain Imaging: fMRI 2.0

- Michele Cox received the 2012 VSS Student Travel Award


- Latest research featured in SCIENCENEWS (Vol.181 #4):

  “Consciousness Emerges” by Laura Sanders


- Michele Cox received an FST Student Travel Award

- Cosyne Workshop (with G. Tononi, S. Dehaene, A. Seth & N. Tsuchiya):

Computational and Theoretical Approaches to the Problem of Consciousness

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